Automated Queuing System


To ensure customer management is handled effectively, hospitals, clinics, banks and telecommunication centres, all use automated queuing systems. Automated queuing systems use complex algorithms to allow the software to comprehend the queue and adopt a method to handle the customers.


The goal of an automated queuing system is to improve on-site service experience by taking into three areas; the number of customers who are being serviced, waiting in the queue at a given point in time and update the customer support team about the same in the real-time. The system also collects waiting time of the customers to help strategize a way to reduce waiting time.

Faster Processing

Improved Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

Enhanced Customer Experience

Higher Engagement

Reduced Wait Time

Real-time Performance Monitoring

OptiQ token queue management system has pioneered queuing system in hospitals, clinics and banks. With their dynamic software, OptiQ token queue management system is an ideal solution for branch sites. It optimizes customer journey at a retail branch, allowing on-site experience to be seamless and hassle-free. OptiQ token queue management system uses an advanced token machine, that had proved beneficial to large banks around the world with a daily footfall of 9000. With retail space moving differently post pandemic, OptiQ token queue management system is a great solution for adaptability and scalability.