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Company Ethos


Our Forte - High Quality Standard
Aptus Infotech as a leading business organization in Oman, interacts and transacts with a variety of business organizations and governments in different jurisdictions. By maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity through open, honest and fair dealings, Aptus earns trust for its products and services from all stakeholders and every person with whom Aptus comes in contact.
Aptus obtains and conducts business legally and ethically. The quality of our products and the efficiency of our services at the most competitive prices are our greatest tools in marketing our business.
Aptus always adheres to high quality principle, focusing on constant quality management, and regular staff training, to improve our staff's management ability and skill levels.

Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality

One of the biggest concerns in the present information technology era is protection of confidential and personal information that is collected and disseminated. Aptus understands that protection of all confidential information is essential. Aptus is committed to protect business and personal information of confidential nature obtained from clients, associates and employees.  This information will solely be used to contact you about our services and products.