CCTV camera system installation


Organizations, institutions, residential complexes are looking for feasible surveillance solution, that can address their security concerns and offer total peace of mind. When it comes to security, It is important to install a reliable system that runs smoothly and for a long period of time.


There are several CCTV suppliers in Oman, but only a handful of professional qualified and trained companies can provide you with CCTV camera system installation.


Choosing a CCTV solution entails choosing HD cameras that have the right pixels for your requirement, deciding whether to go in for the Digital video recorder or choosing the IP cameras that come with Network video recorder, deciding whether a standard IP Camera system is fine or should they be based on PoE concept etc.


Recording systems comes in three categories; analogue, IP and hybrid. Most premise now use hybrid CCTV Camera System incorporating both analogue and digital components. CCTV camera installation is based is mainly on five requirements; cost and ease of installation, video quality and resolutions, connection mode (transmission media, PoE requirement, wireless availability), distance and lastly scalability scope.

Cost and Installation

Quality & Resolution

Connection Mode



There are several types of recording systems, dome, bullet, C-Mount, Day/Night CCTV, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), High Definition, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV, IP CCTV and Wireless CCTV. Selecting the right CCTV camera can be challenging and that’s why as a CCTV camera supplier in Oman, we help clients make the right decision and secure their premise. With partnership with top brands such as ZKTeco, HIKVision, Avigilon, Panasonic and Milesight we bring the best of the best product offerings.


We have the expertise, knowledge and qualification to install CCTV camera in commercial and private spaces, with experience in genuinely understanding your solutions and network requirement as well as solving complex challenges. Not only we are CCTV camera supplier in Oman, we also provide consultation and specialize in designing the network system and choosing the right product for your premise.