Gate Automation Oman


Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility, and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site.


Gate Automation systems provide an additional line of security and safety to type of premise, be it office, commercial area, residential and especially schools.


Gate Automation in Oman can come in two types; manual barrier and automatic gate systems. As a manual barrier gate supplier, we will help you choose the right fixture for your premise. Manual barrier gates are operated by balancing the weight at the arm of the barrier to lock it in either open (raised position) and closed (lowered position) position, allowing flexibility.


Manual barrier gate suppliers understand the importance of enhanced security while maintaining maximum cost-effectivity, and therefore recommend the best solution. Manual barrier gate is available in boom barrier style for parking lot premises.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers is a popular solution in gate automation in Oman. Boom barriers are often used to control the access of vehicles going in or out of a premise. It is a cost effective and dynamic solution that’s operates faster and effectively that manual barrier gate. Boom barrier require less maintenance, are safer and in case there is no electric supply, they can be operated manually too. Boom Barrier is a Bar or Pole placed at a pivot to move and up down in order control access of vehicles in a particular premise.

Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier is designed to provide access control and complete security in the public passages. Flap Barrier are the automatic gates you will find on the stations, office entrances, airports and also in other many places. In is a device for emergency controlling. This allows an automatic opening of its two wings while people connect with it with the access cards and close down in a minute after that.


Tripod turnstile provides a visible fixed barrier of three stainless steel bars located at the angle of 120 ° which rotate on an inclined axis for pedestrian access control. In the event of an emergency the panic mode drops the bars, allowing unhindered free access in both directions.

Gate automation in Oman mainly deals with automatic gate systems. It also frequently used to control the access of vehicles in and out of facilities as well as in residential areas. With its automatic nature, automatic gate systems are designed as either swinging or sliding gates. Most automatic gate systems comprise of these basic elements:


  • Electric motor or hydraulic pump to move each gate leaf
  • Control System
  • Safety photocells
  • Remote controls for opening and closing the gates