Why You Should opt for SI in Oman?

When the integration is correctly done, tracing customer records becomes faster, and a survey of inventory and order data (identical in the individual system) becomes easy. As a result, there is no duplication of either data or work, which would be a great asset for Oman’s people.

On the other hand, if the integration is either missing or inexpertly executed, it can result in the repetition of data, sluggish processing of orders, unavoidable fulfilment delays, troubled clients, and income loss. For example, clients placing orders via your web store and not receiving them. Another case in point would be customers purchasing and receiving items from your web store without any payment request.

System Integration: A quick overview

System Integration (SI) represents an IT or engineering procedure that combines and organizes independent subsystems or interrelated elements (be it physical or virtual) of an organization. The main purpose of System integration is to make and operate a single huge system by bringing all parts together. 

System Integration: Advantages that make them likable in Oman

Organizations need system integration as it helps system integrators in Oman:

  • Set up a modular style when establishing systems
  • Increase the value of a system by using brand-new services of joined actions of disparate systems
  • Upgrade productivity, operations, information flows, etc.
  • Slash operational costs
  • Use a planned, ordered procedure for different suppliers


Systems integrators in Oman as opposed to VARs (Value-added resellers)

VARs and systems integrators are company divisions whose duties coincide partially or wholly. Many times, these two approaches cover part of the same area of interest, responsibility, etc. For example, when a VAR resells a package of hardware, networking and software items (designed for incorporation within a diversity of systems) along with services or some combination thereof, he is formulating aggregate IT solutions and therefore works as a SI. Contrarily, when system integrators in Oman pursue clients to resell different products (as components of a SI assignment), they are operating as VARs.

Therefore, Oman’s people can choose VARs, which generally gravitate towards SMEs (Small and medium enterprises), whereas System integrators opt for mammoth corporations.