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At Aptus Infotech, our core purpose is to deliver high quality professionally managed services, to enable and support the implementation of BIM for your project, whether for planning, design, construction and building operations. We have already delivered the benefits of our expertise in BIM on several projects, providing professional advice and skilled BIM production resources, having trained and supported over 500 people. And you too, can leverage this experience for your project.

Tailored to

Whatever your roles or responsibilities are to the building project as a consultant or planner, architect, building owners or facility manager or, a system integrator, you will have different requirements for BIM.

What Aptus Infotech

Aptus Infotech will bring the right combination of advice, production resources, support and training, to help support and manage the use of BIM in the best possible way. We work closely with all project stakeholder, to help understand specific needs, and see how processes and information flows can be streamlined to optimize the use of BIM for the project’s success.​ We bring our expertise in BIM, to complement your own, no matter what your role, allowing you more time to focus on your core strengths, whether that’s in planning, design, project or construction management.

As construction output continues to grow around the world, in tandem with increasing environmental concerns and the rising cost of energy, the concept of sustainable green building to reduce ecological impact is gaining ground fast.


Green building involves sustainable design, construction and operation of built assets. Although an admirable goal, it’s not always easy to achieve. Its success depends on construction techniques and strategies used, long-term gains and short-term costs.

Getting everyone to develop building information in a BIM process, opens up opportunities to easily bring information together, review, resolve, analyses and quantify, with a level of sophistication that was difficult or impossible to achieve before.


• Greater transparency during the design phase
• Greater efficiency at the design and construction phases
• Greater control during the operations phase


Overall BIM helps bring significant benefits in cost, value and performance, reducing waste, risk, and the excessive adversarial administration associated with the traditional problematic approach.

BIM’s integrated approach to green building is transformative. It allows an unprecedented measure of design precision benefiting the environment and the construction industry. A green building created through BIM services provides an improved context for analysis and decision-making, through sustainable, green building design strategies and workflows. The particular advantages of green buildings with BIM are that:

  • There is an opportunity to optimize performance and minimize waste.
  • Analysis tools help evaluating sustainable alternatives easier.
  • Stakeholder teams can collaborate better
  • With greater visualization teams can easily show clients the benefits of different sustainable design choices.
  • Pre-construction: digital models can be refined through analysis and design options, providing near real-time insight into an end result.
  • Construction: BIM captures graphical and non-graphical data. By capturing material condition updates, BIM enables the building team to track and report on the status of demolition and construction on a project.


Al Thabat Construction is known to provide civil contracting to commercial and residential building here in Oman. They have earned a reputation for high-quality elegant construction delivered on time and within the budget stipulated by their clients.
Al Thabat believes in “innovation and strives for continuous improvement by incorporating best practices and changes within the industry”. With this belief, Al Thabat recognized the value-added benefits of BIM in AEC industry and challenges it solves for contractors like themselves.
As long-time service provider and Gold Partner of Autodesk, Aptus Infotech helped Al Thabat make the move to BIM process and integrate it with their existing modus-operandi. This involves training of their AEC team in Autodesk Revit – Architecture, Structure, and MEP and Navisworks and how these tools work hand-in-hand.

These tools support BIM processes and helped Al Thabat in coordinating their work such as drawings, scheduling materials, working out site logistics and more. Since BIM allows different team to work together all at once, it will help them significantly reduce time and error in all phases of construction and remain in constant communication with each other.
BIM enhances the partnership of the contractors with sub-contractors, building owners, engineers and architects. Combining better project delivery, BIM helps contractors achieve better business and engineering results.