BIM for AEC Professionals – Digital Construction (BIM) And Its Importance in 2020 Construction Industry

The Building Information Modelling or BIM is a boon for All AEC Professionals. The BIM software for Architects, engineers and contractorsis a three-dimensional model-based solution and process that offers professionals from the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, smart and effective tools to work productively and efficiently.

BIM helps these three components to optimize their work and also company processes. BIM is used for infrastructure designing and helps with documentation. Each part of the building can be modelled using BIM. Thus, the software offers a flexible landscape where different design options can be analyzed. One of the popular uses of BIM is visualization, which helps 3D modelling.

Once a design is finalized, the software is used for documenting the design, the engineering aspects, and the construction details. 

Thus, with BIM, designers, engineers, and the construction industry can use intelligent data from the software throughout the lifecycle of the project.  

The BIM process involves:

  1. Project planning is done using data from the reality for the preparation of context models. 
  3. BIM Software for Quantity Surveyors help professionals speed up the process of estimation by visualizing the design via 3D and 5D modelling and giving.
  5. It helps in capturing, managing, and delivering information that proves to be beneficial for the quantity surveyors.
  7. Designing phase involves conceptual designing, analysis of the designs, detailing the designs, and documenting the same. Using BIM data in the pre-construction process is also used for scheduling and keeping the logistics department informed.
  9. In this building phase, BIM is used for fabrication work. For optimized efficiency, BIM is used for sharing logistics with contractors and other stakeholders.
  11. The operation stage sees the use of BIM for the maintenance of assets. Here the data is used for cost-effective construction, renovation, and deconstruction.

Importance of BIM software for quantity surveyors

With the rise in the global population, the AEC industry needs to behave responsibly to design and implement smart and efficient construction models. The industry needs to develop robust and resilient solutions that can bear the load of about 9.7 billion people on this Earth (estimated world population by 2050). Not only does BIM help in efficient designing and construction, but also in capturing data that is important in today’s world. To learn more about BIM for QS visit