Common Challenges Faced By Boom Barrier Suppliers

Boom Barrier Suppliers

Boom barriers are trusted safety mechanism that are extremely reliable, they operate fast and effectively compared to manual methods, require lesser maintenance, are safer and in case there is no electric supply, they can be operated manually too.

However, there are various challenges that are faced by boom barrier suppliers. Some of the common ones are:

  1. The quality or the grade of the material that the booms are made of need to be water resistant, scratch and damage resistant. Boom barriers need to be rough, tough and robustly made. However, they should be constructed in a way that the barriers are neither too heavyweight nor too light.


  1. The other challenge that suppliers face is in terms of the length of the barrier. The length should match with the width of the road where it is installed. Maintaining and installing at the right height is also crucial.


  1. The angle at which the boom barrier rises up or opens up needs to be set in the proper manner. The usually accepted norm is to keep the barrier arm at 85°-90° from the surface of the road.


  1. All care needs to be taken that the barrier is visible at night; else, there could be major accidents causing injuries to human beings and damaging properties. The usual practice is to use a red circle of a consistent diameter at the centre of the boom embedded with red reflector buttons.The other aspects of challenge to boom barrier suppliers come up after the installation of the barriers.


  1. People usually think that once the boom barriers have been installed, the work is over – that it will keep safeguarding their life and property for years to come. This is true only if proper maintenance-related activities are carried out on a scheduled basis. Doing this will ensure longer life of the barriers but people often ignore this aspect.


  1. Another challenge that rises is in terms of safety precautions that people forget to take when using the barriers. Since these barriers are electrically controlled, it is advisable not to let kids or other people play with the controls; especially when the controls seem not to be functioning properly, it is best to call an expert to look into the issue.


Realising such challenges, Aptus Infotech has partnered with leading boom barrier suppliers; ZKTeco and BFT, giving you a holistic solution that takes care of your long-term requirements. Additionally, we help our clients install and maintain their access control solutions under our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).