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About US

Aptus Infotech is the premier System Integrator & Software Consultant providing consulting services, training, and IT and design software to the large and medium businesses. The experience of our staff is what truly sets us apart. Not only do we understand your software issues, we also understand your business issues. When you hire Aptus Infotech to consult with your organization, provide training, or facilitate a software purchase, you are hiring the best the in the industry. Contact us today for the assistance you need to achieve the desired IT and Engineering design solution.



Aptus Infotech has grown into the premier provider of consulting services & solution for IT security and infrastructure, Engineering software and solutions, and training to the corporates, government, banking & Finance, building construction, airport &infrastructure and oil & gas industry. With over 15 years history, we are committed to maintaining the quality of service we are known for and continuing to grow and adapt to the rapidly changing Oman market and beyond. It also started operation in Dubai to serve UAE market siting the return of economy in the area and potential it will bring along.

Throughout our history, Aptus Infotech has constantly evaluated the products and services we offer to bring only industry leading options to our customers. Our customers gain the benefit of our combined, history, knowledge and experience without the need to follow the complete evolutionary process. In many It infrastructure and engineering software, we have multiple solutions offerings to ensure the best fit for your particular needs. The bottom line is we don't seek the right needs to fit our products; we seek the right solution to fit your needs.