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Network Monitoring Solution

Network monitoring can be associated with network administration and management. The concept behind network monitoring is to identify the areas which are/can cause network to slow down or worse to fail and break down. The activity includes constant review and pro-actively taking measures to ensure smooth running of the complete infrastructure. Depending on the scope and the hierarchy of the network, the activities can include tasks like:

Intrusion Detection    |    Network Tomography    |    Route Analytics    |    Protocols monitoring and mapping    |    Network Traffic Management 

We are partnered with world’s leading suppliers who have dedicated and specialized equipment as well as software to be implemented within your organization. These tools and devices will be actively monitoring all the traffic coming in the network as well as going from it. The sophisticated intelligence system ensures that the right contents are passed through without any barrier while the contents which can be potentially harmful to network are either put on queue for the user to take the right action or they are rejected all together.